How To Convert Your Attic Into Something Else

Attics could be considered as useless or wasted space in lots of homes that have such.

You may have noticed it in movies or read in books where attics were described as the area of the house, which is invaded by lots of spiders and cobwebs, where it’s spooky.  Sound similar with one of the scenes in horror movies, doesn’t it?

However, in reality, attics are humid since this is the part hold the heat from the roof and preventing it from going straight to the primary area of the dwelling. Because of position and its condition, most homeowners neglect to maintain its cleanliness, resulting to its state that is dusty.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 10.32.36 AM.png

This resulted for most attics to be used for storage purposes. But using the materials that are available, you can convert this part of the house into something functional.

Remodelling the Attic

Changing the highest space of a home is one challenging task to do. Depending on your own purpose, the ideas are endless as it pertains to this kind of project.

  • Being aware of your purpose as well as your budget are the first considerations which you need to think about in pursuing a remodelling plan.
  • Altering any parts of your house would increase its value. In the event that you are planning to sell your property, having changes done in the attic would upgrade the house’s price in the market.
  • Before start remodels on anything, you have to first consult together with the local building department to inform about the extension or changes that may be made into your property.
  • Afterwards, you must check the property structure to make sure everything is secured before starting the renovation work. The reason is that modifying the attic will be adding more weight into the structure.  So, you have to ensure that the structure is sturdy enough to support more weight.
  • Due to the previous condition, especially if it’s not much utilised, the attic ought to be checked for leaks, cracks and other factors, which will constitute to its strength.

What You Could Do

The ideas for the remodelling of the attic are mostly and endless fun. Imagine this wasted space before becoming an entertainment room, a game room or simply a bedroom. You can also include appliances state-of-the-art facilities.

When doing an attic renovation remodelling is an option. Install insulation on such part of your house, or you can always choose to do some minor changes. But should you have got the budget that is right, might go on and utilise your attic? It’s an investment if not, your home would be an enjoyable spot to stay with such types of modification, or if you decide to sell the house.

Is my home acceptable for an attic conversion?

You’ll also require a stationary staircase, with decent headspace for an attic you need to utilise as a comfortable place.

Usable rooms can be constructed in residences with a roof pitch of 30-32 degrees, like Edwardian residences, Federation residences, and Californian Bungalows.  Inner city terrace houses can also be excellent for conversion.

Unfortunately, many modern residences are unsuitable for conversion since they have roof trusses or have a roof pitch of 15-22, which makes them too little for anything except custom-built storage.

How much does a loft renovation or conversion price?

Conventional extensions may cost anywhere from $1900 to $4000 per square metre while constructing a new attic room prices around $1500 per square metre.

Based on which sort of attic or loft conversion you need, expect to pay:

  • $2,500 installed to get a fundamental storage loft which comprises a loft ladder and basic flooring
  • $3,845 to get a completely installed dust-free storage attic conversion (8 metres square) using white mobile lining, flooring and a loft ladder

If you currently have an attic, a pull-down ladder may cost anywhere from $400 to $1300.  This is often less costly than building a new space.  However, you’ve got access to a good deal more space.

#hiptip: don’t hesitate to DIY any construction undertaking, you’ll be splitting the law and it might set you and your family in danger

Hiring the appropriate contractors for your attic renovation project

If it is time to hiring tradies for your endeavour, make certain they’re ideal for your job.  Some questions to ask them to comprise:

  • Are you qualified and licensed or registered?
  • Have you got expertise in my kind of project?
  • Can you supply a written quotation?
  • Do you have references that I can follow up?

The best way of calculate the cost of your project is to work it together with a local architect, or even get quotes from a dedicated renovation builder.  This will provide you a sense of the latest rates are.

* All the costs and prices rates were referenced at the time this article was made.  They’re subjective, may vary locally, and should just be utilised as a guide.

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